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It is Well

I heard a profound statement some time ago, that ‘Your confession during your confusion is the conclusion of your condition’. What this simply means is that when you are faced with challenges, health challenges, any kind of challenge, your confession at that time will determine the end of the matter. The Bible tells us that the power of ‘life and death’ lies with our tongues – Prov. 18: 21. So, what are you likely to confess in the face of challenges?

 Our likely confessions are usually, ‘This my headache; I don’t have; This country is finished; and in like manner. What the above scripture and the statement are saying is that ‘what you confess, during your trying times is likely going to be the outcome of your situation. So, learn to confess positively. I declare to you, it is well.

 In 2nd Kings 4: The Shunammite woman expressed what she believed. What are you expressing? She was sorrowful but refused to confess sorrow. She was bereaved, but she refused to confess bereavement. She was suppressed but wouldn’t confess suppression. What is your confession?  Is it well? The confession of your mouth can change your situation. 

 There are the keys to the miracle experienced after the confession of “it is well?”

 A Personal Decision: By the personal decision of the mother, she confessed that the sickness & calamity were not final, and by faith, the child came back to life.

 Purposeful Determination: ”And the mother of the child said, As the LORD liveth, and as thy soul liveth, I will not leave thee. And he arose and followed her” (2 Kings 4:30). You must be determined like Jacob who said, I will not let you go except you bless me (Gen. 32:26). 

 Prevailing Decree: Elisha decreed, and the child came back to life. As we pray and decree this month, in the place of prayer (Job 22:27-28), I see our breakthrough, our miracle baby, everything dead in our life coming back to life, I see signs and wonders. You must decree a quit notice to Satan, which he must obey when you declare it in the Name of Jesus, and doubt not (John 14:13-14; James 1:8). 

 I decree into your life that it is well with you – body, soul, and spirit. It is well with your children, your family, and loved ones, in the Name of our LORD Jesus Christ. Amen.

 Continue to say by faith: “The glory is in me! I receive it! I’m walking in it!” – It is well with me!

Get more God-inside minded, and start acting like a temple of the Lord of glory!

Your Vicar and Friend.

Rev Canon Kiri Wakama

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