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Let’s Build Our Church – Goshen

It’s time for us to move to our Goshen…
The city of Goshen has strong prophetic overtones for the Body of Christ.

To begin with, Goshen was in Egypt. In the enemy’s territory. But it was safe for the children of God who lived there. They were the carriers of the blessing of protection of God. As Christians we live among ‘the enemies’, but as children of God, wherever we are is safe and secure because you are there.

There is a Goshen for the believer, which the devil cannot penetrate. It is a place God has provided for our safety and security against all the evil happening in the world.

In subsequent weeks, we shall talk more on our sojourn in Goshen, but for starters, let’s prepare this Goshen. There was a Joseph who went before, (a forerunner of a sort) and because of God’s favour upon his life, he established his people in Goshen.

Today we are forerunners of those coming behind us, are we prepared to lay the foundation for a spiritual Goshen?

Of all the things that a man or woman could build in their lifetime, I can think of no greater than a church. When you drive through a city and look at all the edifices that have been built in that city through the years, you can’t help but notice first the beautiful churches.
Some are huge, some are small. Some are elaborate, others are plain. Each of them serves as a witness of the grace of God and a testimony to the dark forces in its community that Jesus Christ is worshiped there.
These churches represent the faith of not only the people who currently attend those churches, but more importantly the faith of those who probably are no longer living.
Proverbs 13:22…A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s…
That big beautiful church was probably not built yesterday. Somebody’s fathers and mothers worked to build that church. Somebody’s Grandparents sacrificed and labored to build the foundation of a church that would later be built upon by the next generation.

You see “A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children”

Can you think of a greater inheritance to leave for your children, and children’s children?

You see, your money will fail you. Your houses will fall down. But a faith that is in Jesus Christ will stand the test of time.
When I look around this building today, I see people who may have been in the church for a couple of years, but guess what… we are only here because of the sacrifices and prayers of some other people. Let others enjoy our sacrifices too!
Somebody built a foundation in someone’s life you see. This all did not happen last night or last week. Many men and women would have shaped our lives because they built. It’s time for us to shape others’ lives too. Let’s build.

Somebody built a church in my life. Somebody laid a foundation.

We are only here because someone said, “I’m going to build a church.”
· They built it with prayer.
· They built it with sacrifices.
· They built it with their giving.
· They built it with their love for God.
· And they built it with their love for the Lost.

Somebody built a church.
It’s time for us to build too, it’s time for us to build for the next generation.
Arise and shine, let’s build together.
God bless you as you build.

Your Vicar and friend
The Revd. Kiri Wakama

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