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Let’s Celebrate by Revd. Kiri Wakama

Our celebration starts today and it shall not be aborted. In 2016 we will celebrate; there shall be no more sorrow, pain, sickness or bondage IJN. Congratulations because not only will we celebrate, people will celebrate with us and our celebration will also lead people to the Lord. Our God is a Rewarder of those who diligently seek Him, and He will grant us His reward in 2016.When the prodigal son returned the elder brother was angry. Some people will be angry because you are celebrating. But it won’t stop God from celebrating you, and if you’re in the category of the elder brother it is time to repent. Just position yourself to be blessed and celebrate.Let’s look at the story of the prodigal son. He asked for a portion of his inheritance and decided to go his own way. Some of us plan by our own power forgetting that it is the Lord that blesses, only to turn around and blame others when things go wrong. The prodigal son went his way and things turned from good to bad for him to the extent that he had to go and work with pigs to make a living. The worst thing that can happen to Israelites is to work with pigs. For some of us things have gone wrong and the devil will test us with our weakness. But today you will receive deliverance.This year, ensure that you connect to God every day. So when the devil comes to test you as he did with Jesus in Matt 4 you will overcome. This year you will be divinely connected to those who will take you to a higher ground. God will severe you from those who want to drag you down. For those looking for the fruit of the womb, you will receive and celebrate. Some people say ‘my own don finish’. Who says so? Joseph in the prison felt his own had finished. Likewise David who was tending to the sheep while his brothers were enjoying felt his own had finished. Your ‘own has not finished’. God will grant you divine connection and you will celebrate.Luke 15:20 – the prodigal son’s father saw him from afar off and ran to him to embrace and kiss him. He requested for the best robe to be put on him and celebrated him. God will clothe us with robes of celebration while taking away our filthy rags. When Sarah had passed child bearing that was when the miracle of Isaac happened. Protocols will be broken for you. The same angel that announced Mary and Elizabeth is still doing his work, and God will do it for us. Peter, Paul and Silas were put in prison at different times but were released because God stepped into their situation. We will be released from whatever prison that we find ourselves and celebrate.How do we express this celebration? Read Psalm 145. A verse of it says I will praise and exalt the Lord. But some of us rather magnify our problems. We must begin to bless God for ever, telling Him of the great things He has done. When challenges come and you praise God He will show up on your behalf. Serve in the house of the Lord and you will be promoted to the proper position of sonship. Some of us want to be like the elder son, and only just complain. We must be careful. Be obedient and trust in Him always. Isa 41: 10-15: fear not because God is with you. For us God is our problem solver, not man. But do you know this Lord? Some of us believe that things have gone so bad and we cannot have a solution. God will disgrace protocols for our sake because He wants us to celebrate this year.
There’ll be 3 kinds of celebration this year:–Great joy: you pray about a thing and God has answered. So you have great joy.–Full joy – when you don’t know what to do in a situation but pray to God and He answers, you will have full joy.–Joy unspeakable – this is when you are amazed by what God has done, that He will honour you this way. Every reproach in your life joy unspeakable with speak unto you IJN, amen.

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