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Jesus is the Answer

Being a child of God is the greatest privilege a human being can receive. However, if you cannot get your issues and challenges solved and resolved, one can begin to question the benefits of being a child of God, and it can be very painful and disappointing. The big question for us children of God is how do we get answers to our prayers, so as to be free from our challenges?

As a growing Child, I use to be intrigued by a sticker ‘Jesus is the Answer’. I remember asking my aunt in whose house I once saw the sticker. ‘If Jesus is the answer, please tell me what ‘is the question?’ And her answer was more intriguing – Jesus is the answer to ‘Any question or issue that has defiled human solution.’ Ok o.

As little mischievous children, we try to figure out any difficult situation, and ask for the solution, and in a very calm way, Aunty will respond ‘My dear, Jesus is the answer’. Why would an innocent child just die like that, and her annoying response again, ‘Jesus is the answer.’ Is Jesus that wicked, no she would respond, but he remains the answer to the world’s unresolved issues. End of story.

As I grew older, I came to terms with the hymn ‘What a friend we have in Jesus…, and a closing stanza…take it to the Lord in prayer. So truly Jesus must be the answer, if you take it to him in prayer.

So how do we handle the challenging times we are faced with? Again – Jesus must be the answer if we take it to him in prayer in faith, but faith without works we hear is dead! (James 2:26). And so, we are encouraged to do some ‘good works’ for that is what we were created for. – Eph. 2: 10.

Somewhere in the scriptures therefore lies the solution, the answer to all the world’s issues and challenges, and therefore ours too. After all Jesus is the word of God (Scriptures) made flesh. For a truce ‘Jesus is the answer’.

There has always been recession, or call it famine, hard times, tribulations etc, from Biblical days, and people survived them. In fact, the scripture says in Job 22: 29, that when ‘men are saying there is a casting down, we should say there is a lifting up’. Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself said in John 16: 33, that in the world we shall have tribulations that is hard-times, but that we should be of good cheer, for He has overcome the challenges for us, and so victory is a certainty.

In the next one month, we shall together search from the Scriptures the solution to ALL our issues, and by God’s will, shall come out of them all, as it pleases God Almighty. Let us all ensure we are present and be determined to see the end of our struggles and challenges in Jesus name.

God bless you as we continue in His presence.

Your Vicar and friend
The Revd. Canon Kiri Wakama

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