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The Importance of Bible Study

Today marks the beginning of the ACOTA Bible Study week themed: Continuing in the Word (Josh 1:8). The week will comprise of past studies, mid-week Bible Study and a Bible Quiz.  The aim is to teach the importance of Bible Study and to encourage us to grow in God’s word by participating in the church Bible study programmes while continuing in the word in your personal lives.


Study of the Bible can be achieved by reading, memorizing, meditating and internalising a particular subject. To study, there must be a desire to learn, raise questions with a heart that desires answers, and have unusual curiosity to know more. It entails being a student of the Bible.

Study of the Bible develops and increases one’s knowledge base, not only spiritually but in other aspects of life (Hos 4:6, 2nd Tim. 2:7). Knowledge of God’s word gives direction for life (Ps 119:105). Confidence, strength and peace abound where one has a sense of direction and lead to good success and prosperity–Our Patriarchs of Faith (Heb. 11), the Apostles (Acts 3-5) and our Lord Jesus Christ (Heb. 10:7) The heroes of faith achieved their calling by having a precise knowledge of God’s word, which came as a result of careful study and consideration of God’s word.

Secondly, Bible study expands andenlightens our understanding (Psa 119:99). Studies with deep meditation gives understanding (Psa 119:130). The kind of life God wants us to live is understood – a life full of good health, intimacy with Him, and freedom from sin and death. With understanding comes revelation, thereby changing our lives for the best.  Daniel says, “I Daniel understood by books” which means understanding is obtained in study.

Furthermore, wisdom is learnt and applied in our lives when we study the Bible (Proverbs 1-4). Wisdom makes us see more of who the Word is (John1:1), become like Him (2 Cor 3:18), and then live like Him who is the Wisdom of God (1 Cor 1:30a). This wisdom will make a difference in our lives as we engage in the study of the word, teaching us how to live a balanced life in the present-day world.

Personal study of the Bible is expected and encouraged, so also is the corporate Bible Study (Acts 2:42, 46). There is a lot to learn and understand in gatherings of believers. Brethren share knowledge and understanding from different revelations, and deeper insight is received (Prov 27:17). It helps us to learn much more than we would have learnt personally in a short time. It also stirs us up in prayers thereby strengthening the church as a whole. During corporate Bible studies, revelations are received – In Act 13: 1-3.

It is great to know that the word of God contains lots of promises to help us please Him and fulfil our purpose on earth; however, lack of knowledge of the word will deprive us of these great blessings. If the apostles recognized the need for corporate Bible study, so must we.

Make a decision today to participate in our Bible Studies going forward and you will see your life turn around for the better.

See you at Every Study going forward.

Have a great week, and may it be your best so far.


Your Vicar and friend

The Revd. Canon Kiri Wakama

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