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2019 is “Our Year of Rising Glory’’.

2019 is ‘Our Year of Rising Glory’ in the Anglican Diocese of

 Lagos. I pray all of us to key into it, and see the glory of God manifest in our lives.

 In Gen. 1: 26, God created man in His image; meaning man was created with all the attributes of God, including ‘His Glory’. In Gen. 3 however, man sinned and was driven away from the Garden of Eden, and lost that glory. What a shame. Rom. 3: 23 tells us ‘…all have sinned and come short of the glory of God’. And so everybody born into this world, comes in as a sinner, ‘without the glory of God’.

 But in Christ Jesus, we have the opportunity of the Glory being restored. At His birth, our Lord Jesus Christ came in the fullness of the Glory of God. Even the stars announced His birth to the world – Matt. 2: 2., and Luke 2: 9 tells us that the Glory of the Lord was all over His birth place.

 In John 17: 22, our Lord Jesus Christ said, the same Glory which God has given Him, He has also given to us! How wonderful? All we have to do is to is to believe an accept Him. John 1: 12 tell us that as many that accept Him, he gave them power to be sons of God. And in John 3: 16, God says whosoever believes in Jesus Christ will have eternal life, which is part of the Glory of God.

 In the next couple of days, we have speakers who will be exposing of the Glory of God to us, through His word, please be part of this Fellowship, and try not to miss any of the days. I assure you, it will be Glorious, and will take us to unprecedented heights in our walk with God.

 It’s one thing to have the glory, but it’s another to know how to walk in it.

 When the believers experienced the glory of God at Pentecost, they didn’t just go back to living normal lives. They went out and started evangelizing and preaching the gospel; and worked miracles, signs and wonders; and the Lord added to the Church daily those who were being saved Acts 2: 47. That’s the glory we need to be operating in!

 Don’t live without understanding God’s glory and what it means to your life.

Start saying by faith right now: “The glory is in me! I receive it! I’m walking in it!” Get more God-inside minded, and start acting like a temple of the Lord of glory today!

 This year our Bible Studies, will focus more on the ‘Promises of God for us His children, and how to walk in His Glory; you will be missing out if you miss any of the series. Condition your mind not to miss any of them, and you will be better for it.

 I love you, and wish you Rising Glory for you in all ramifications.


 Your Vicar and Friend.

Revd. Canon Kiri Wakama

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