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Operating in Victory

Nobody wants to be a loser, everybody wants to live a Victorious     Life, especially when we become “Christians” sadly, not every “Christian” is able to live a Victorious Life. But God’s word assures us that as His children, He will give us Victory. So, why are we not living the Victorious Christian Life? Why are we living in defeat? Our mid-year Revival last week, tried to address these issues.

But how many of us where here for the Revival, and to partake of the grace? How many watched via zoom or you tube? How many of us are taking our spiritual life seriously? Are we really willing to live the Victorious Christian life, and start operating in Victory all the days of our lives?

Let me share, what the Lord opened our eyes to these four days.

  • 1st John 5: 4 – Whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world, and thus should be victorious. So, why are we all not living the Victorious Life?
    • Ignorance, we don’t know our commission as Christians. The Gospel is hid to many of us – 2nd 4: 3.
    • We need to be with Jesus, spend time with Him, being with Jesus generates boldness – Acts 4: 13.
    • You might have authority and power, but if you are not bold to exercise it, you might remain in your state of defeat.
  • Challenges are abound, and will remain. In 21, God sent fiery serpents to the Israelites, and there was a pandemic; they prayed God to take away the serpents, but rather, God ask that Moses make a fiery bronze serpent and set it on a pole, so that anyone who is bitten of the serpent, rather than try to kill the serpent, should look at the bronze serpent and as at act of faith will live. The battle is not ours, it’s the Lord’s. In John 3: 14 -15, Jesus explained, that we are to look up to Him in all situations, as the author and finisher of our faith.
    • Are we focused on our challenges, or looking up to Him?
    • There isn’t much we can do about our challenges, but He is able to do for us, more than we can ever image. So, why don’t you look up to Him?
    • Do we believe He is able to meet all our challenges?
      • Why don’t we join in the Prayer Meetings, Bible Studies and other Fellowship?
      • Our response to the gathering of brethren is an indication, that we probably do not believe in the efficacy of Prayers! If we believe our Lord answers prayers, we shall be at nearly every Prayer Meeting.
  • Daniel the great prophet of God prayed, and God answered his prayers instantly, but the Prince of Persia (A Principality) withheld the answer for 21 days. Arch-angle Michael (A Positive Principality) had to come to the rescue.
    • The Princes are still alive, the negative Principalities, to withstand the children of God. They are responsible for the life of defeat most people live.
    • Do you want Victory? You have to fight them; but to fight a Principality, you have to be one yourself. You cannot remain a student, and hope to fight a principality. How equipped are you to fight a Principality?
  • We shall continue next week.

       Your Vicar and Friend.

       The Venerable Kiri Wakama

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