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Our Prayer Answering God

Prayer is a privilege that God has given to us His children. We can talk to our heavenly father directly and receive answers. Do you believe God answers prayers? Why then don’t you come for ‘Prayer Meeting’? God has promised to answer us when we pray. Are we ready to pray?

God’s word guarantees us 100% results every time we pray, if we pray according to His will, and are in right standing with Him.

Jesus assures us of answers to prayers (Matt. 7: 7; Luke 11: 9; John 16: 24). Our God is alive and well and wants to bless us, because He is able to respond to us.

However, there are rules of operation, all we have to do, is to discover important steps which will help us achieve full results when we pray.

The very first step to take in prayer, is to learn to pray yourself. Jesus taught us to pray. Many people do not know how to pray themselves. They always want somebody else to pray for them, they visit ‘Prophets’ and all sorts of ‘Pastors’, there are instances where you need a higher anointing and more knowledgeable people to assist, but you as a person, must know how to pray. Prayer support from Intercessors, Prayer Warriors, and even your Pastors should be seen as extra bonus.

Our Christian life should not depend on other people’s prayers. Jesus said, “You ask the Father…”. You are supposed to be able to pray yourself. Remember that the prayer of a righteous man avail much (James 5: 21). Now, before you pray, ask yourself, “Are you righteous enough to pray?”. I know we all have the righteousness of Christ, but are you working in that righteousness? That is an area you have to work on.

Your next step, is your prayer has to be directed to “Our Father in heaven, through Jesus Christ”. There is power in the name of Jesus. Our heavenly Father will respond, when it is through Jesus Christ. At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow (Phil. 2: 10). Demons respond to His name; sickness and all other challenges respond to His name.

Remember, in using His name, you have to be in fellowship with Him. You have to abide in Him (John 15: 7). If you are not in Him, don’t expect answers to your prayers. When you wander away from God and the church, you become like the ‘Prodigal Son’. He left his father and moved out to a far country; and only returned when things got hard and difficult.

It is time to come back to God through Jesus Christ. Staying in fellowship of believers is important to getting answers to our prayers. There are some people who think they can be good Christians without fellowshipping in church. Listen to the Bible “But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another… (1st John 1: 7). If you are walking in the light, you will have fellowship with others who are in the light. Are in fellowship which others, or are you a lone ranger?

Our Wednesday Prayer Meetings are there, join us and see God move like never before in your life. I love you, with the love of the Lord, the Prayer answering God.

Your Vicar and Friend.

The Venerable Kiri Wakama

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