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Our Prayer Answering God – Persistence

We continue with our series on “Our Prayer answering God”.

Today, we will be looking at “Persistence” as a condition for answered prayers. I have heard people say once you make a request to God whose eyes are not dull in hearing does not need to be reminded once we pray, and that persistence is faithlessness. I beg to disagree. Christ Himself gave a parable on

this, in Luke 11: 5 – 8. He concluded by saying because of his persistence he will rise and give him as many as he needs.

Persistence means repeating. It means you will tirelessly go to the Lord in prayer. It means you will pray without ceasing. It means you will shamelessly cry to the Lord until He responds.

Persistence brings results even in the natural. Sometimes I get a phone call, I am not able to answer, for any reason. As I approach the phone, I say to myself, if he calls again…We are children of God, if your child keeps calling, or you see 12 missed calls from your child, what will be your reaction?

On the issue of Faith and Persistence, what we must understand is that, there are several ways of expressing faith Praying once and thereafter not revisiting the issue, is one expression of Faith. Praying over and over on an issue, with a determination never to stop until you get an answer is also another expression of faith. Each one according to his faith.

Each of these two expressions of faith are valid. Each of them brings results, and most importantly, Jesus recommended both, and God can and will answer in both situations.

There are many who will testify about how they prayed (without ceasing) persistently until God answered. There are also many others who have great testimonies about praying once and receiving answers. Faith prayers work all the time. Persistence works all the time. Decide today to use any of these two keys. But remember, Pray Until Something Happens (PUSH). Do not give up. God is waiting to answer our prayers.

Our Wednesday Prayer Meetings are there, join us at 6.15pm every Wednesday, and see God move like never before in your life.

Unfortunately, many of us ask God for what He will not give us. ‘You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss.. James 4: 3. God does not answer prayers that have gone amiss.

Praying amiss means that you pray unacceptable, unsuitable, inappropriate, unallowable prayers. God will not do things against His principles.

Have you chosen a Wednesday for the Lord? When you will wait on Him, fast and pray and come in the evening for corporate Prayers?

We have 4 or 5 Wednesdays in the month chose one. The Lord is waiting for you.

Your Vicar and Friend.

The Venerable Kiri Wakama

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