A new Era in the Anglican Diocese of Lagos

Having attained the mandatory age of 70 on Sunday July 29, 2018, our former Baba the Diocesan Lagos, The Most Revd. Dr. Ephraim Adebola Ademowo Ph.D., OON., FNAL, Dean Emeritus of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), finally retires from ‘active’ service of the church. In his place, The Right Revd. Dr. Humphrey Bamisebi Olumakaiye Ph.D., was elected, confirmed, consecrated and enthroned.

Whereas the former Bishop was an archbishop, and as such was addressed as ‘The Most Reverend’, the present Bishop is addressed as ‘The Right Reverend’.

A bishop is elected by the House of Bishops. Upon election, his name is sent to the Diocese where he is elected, where within 21 days any person who has any objection is expected to declare same.

If no sustainable objection is raised, which has to do with false doctrine, heresies, schism, and other canonical offences, he is consecrated bishop. This ceremony separates him form the Ministry of the ‘ordinary’ Priesthood, to that of an ‘Overseer’. Finally, he is ‘enthroned’ into the real, actual and corporeal possession of the Diocese.

For our new Bishop, seven (7) years ago, he was elected, confirmed, consecrated and enthroned Bishop of the Diocese of Osun North East, and has been the Diocesan Bishop there, till his present election as the Bishop of Lagos. This is referred to as ‘Translation’. Where a Bishop is being moved – ‘Translated’ from one Diocese to another.

He will still have to be confirmed by the new Diocese, and thereafter enthroned as the Diocesan of the new Diocese, however, since he has previously been consecrated Bishop, there would be no other consecration. 

His enthronement gives him authority over the new Diocese, as he is installed and enthroned to the Bishopric of the new Diocese (in this case Lagos), with all the singular rights, dignities, honours, privileges and appurtenances belonging to the office. He is then placed on his ‘Throne’ ‘The Cathedra’ which is the Episcopal seat in the Cathedral.

The Cathedral is the symbol and Centre of his pastoral, liturgical and teaching ministry, which houses the Bishop’s throne called – ‘Cathedra’, which is why the church is called a Cathedral.

The Diocesan bishops before him, have been:

1.       The Rt. Revd. Melville Jones MA., DD.             1919 – 1940

2.       The Most Revd. Leslie Gordon Vining              1940 – 1955

3.       The Rt. Revd. Adelakun W. Howells II               1955 – 1963

4.       The Rt. Revd. Seth Irunsewe Kale                     1963 – 1975

5.       The Rt. Revd. Festus Oluwole Segun                1975 – 1985

6.       The Most Revd. Joseph Abiodun Adetiloye     1975 – 1999

7.       The Most Revd. E. Adebola Ademowo               2000 – 2018

We welcome him to our diocese and wish him well in his episcopal Ministry here in Lagos.

We pray the wind of change will also blow in our direction, and higher and higher we shall go in Jesus name.

Have a great and fulfilled week ahead, and may it be your best so far.

Your Vicar and friend,

The Rev. Canon Kiri Wakama


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