With our roof coming up, Goshen Phase I would have been completed. Praise be to God.

Phase II would be the first part of finishes, estimated at N100.00m, and broken down as follows:

  • Ø  Aluminum Roof Covering 5,500,000.00
    Ø  Water Proofing of concrete 1,000,000.00
    Ø  Plumbing Installations 7,188,890.00
    Ø  Church Windows etc 11,500,000.00
    Ø  All Doors 12,000,000.00
    Ø  Plastering and Rendering  8,000,000.00
    Ø  Tiling and Marble Works 30,000,000.00
    Ø  POP and Ceiling Works 11,000,000.00
    Ø  Fittings and Fixtures 8,500,000.00
    Ø  Painting and Decoration 3,500,000.00
    Ø  Electrical Services 14,500,000.00
    Ø  Air Conditioning 18,795,000.00
    Ø  CCTV Systems 5,430,350.00
    Ø  Contingencies 8,000,000.00

TOTAL                                                                            136,914,240.00                                  

Concerns about finances are stirring us in the face, and appeal from pulpit is no longer enough to raise support, but this notwithstanding, we shall build for the Lord. Haggai 1: 1-10 tells us it’s time to build, and we stand on the word of God.

To succeed in this endeavor we must tap into our “network”, open new avenues of financial support and providing the opportunity to make new friends or partners who can become long term supporters of the ministry.

Raising money can be intimidating, but it can also be an exciting catalyst especially when it is for God.

Deut. 15:10 …Give generously and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to.

Everybody is expected to raise the minimum through his/her network. It’s the Lord’s House, give it your best shot.

  1. Every person is a frontline fundraiser.
  2. Start with “Who do I know?”(take some time to jot down all the people I know – your phone contacts etc)
  3. People I don’t know but aware that they have given to such cause.
  4. People are likely to give when asked by someone they know, so ask others to ask others to ask others to give.
  5. Fundraising is about passion, Passion is what sells the need to a potential donor. If those asking are passionate about their cause they will express it. Help people to know that they own the project too.
  6. Don’t be left out, join the ark, be part of this memorial to God’s work

God bless you.

Your Vicar and friend.

The Revd.Canon Kiri Wakama.


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