Fasting for Breakthrough ii

In Col. 2: 20-23. Paul was telling the Colossian Christian that we don’t fast or pray in order for people to think we are so spiritual. No! We follow the command of Jesus who told us that when we are fasting we should wash our face and comb our hair and act normal. We are not fasting for SHOW we are fasting for CHRIST.

As Christians, we fast when we are in need of answers from God or when we need God to move in a situation we are facing, even before entering into the service of the Lord. Fasting is always done with prayer. You can pray without fasting but you cannot fast without prayer. When you fast and pray it will humble your soul so you can hear from God (Psalm 35: 13).

The prophet Ezra was in a very awkward situation. He was leading Jews back to Jerusalem from captivity in Persia. Upon leaving, Ezra tells the King of Persia that they would need no help but that, “The gracious hand of our God is on everyone who looks to him… (Ezra 8: 22)”.  But he did need some help but he had made a bold statement and he needed God to answer. So, he called a fast and petitioned God. When the people PRAYED and FASTED the answer came quickly. 

Just like Ezra we need answers from God for this church and we need God to give this church a breakthrough! With this in mind I am asking you to join the church in a special time of fasting and prayer every Friday during this Lenten period and for the Wednesday Lenten Services at 6.30pm. It is a refreshing time to spend with the Lord.

We are asking you to take your part as a member of this church, to join us in interceding for the church and our members and loved ones. We have challenges, from spiritual challenges to physical, economic to financial, you name it. Marital, health, academic etc. We need God’s direction, intervention, and He will answer us in Jesus name. If you are at all concerned about the future of ACOTA and its members, then you will want to participate.

Fasting without prayer would mean that all we are doing is ‘hunger-strike.’

I wish all of us a successful fast, and may it be our best so far in Jesus name.

Remember this year the theme of the Lenten services is ‘The Miracles of Jesus Over Nature’. I beseech you all by the mercies of God, that we attend as much as we can all the Wednesday services and if we can the Friday Prayer Revivals at 6.30pm, and let us see Mighty Manifestations in our Mountain of Transformation.

God will see us through in Jesus name.


Your vicar and friend.

The Revd. Canon Kiri Wakama