February – Our Month of Revelation

Revelation is “something that is revealed by God. God places revelation into two categories – 1st Cor. 12: 8.

· Word of Wisdom

· Word of Knowledge

All revelation will fall into one of these categories because revelation is either knowledge or wisdom, while Wisdom is the proper application of knowledge.

A Word of Knowledge is the Holy Spirit providing to you information, insight, and understanding about something. A Word of Wisdom is the Holy Spirit providing to you direction, or how to apply the knowledge you have received.

When God gives a message of knowledge (which is prophecy when spoken), the person will need a message of wisdom so he knows what to do with the information received.

Revelation, is given to people in many different ways.

· God communicates with the person via Holy Spirit, which indwells and fills him (Joel 2:28; Luke 1:67; Acts 2:4; 1 Cor. 12:8).

· Any believer, can receive revelation and communicate it to others (Acts 9:10-16, 21:10, 11).

· False prophets also hear from the demonic side and communicate that revelation to people.

· A demon inhabiting a person’s mind (which is referred to as “possession”) gives him information. People hear voices, see images, or just “get ideas” (Num. 5:14; Jer. 2:8, 23:13; Hosea 4:12; Zech. 10:2).

· Most things that occur in the physical realm have spiritual sources and communicate a message. However, it is sometimes difficult to tell whether the event had a godly source, a demonic source, or happened due to simple natural laws and only by coincidence we need the spirit of discernment here.

At salvation, we receive the gift of Holy Spirit (Acts 2:33), which becomes an integrated part of us. The Holy Spirit inside us fills us completely, and God can speak to him via the Holy Spirit. Therefore, revelation comes through one’s mind like other thoughts. That is why your thoughts must be guarded – Prov. 4: 23-25, and it takes “constant use” (Heb. 5: 14) to be able to accurately discern if a thought is coming into one’s mind because of natural circumstances, or whether it is coming from God.

In Acts 2, after the Pentecost experience, Peter was asked by the crowd what they are to do, after such prophetic utterances? In verse 38, Peter told them what to do – words of wisdom.

After the Ministrations of 21 days, we need to ask, People of God in ACOTA, do you really want this Transformed Life? What then shall we do? We need God to tell us what to do, by spending time with Him in prayers and the word. This is where we will get REVELATION!

Our prayer for this month, is for God to give us Revelation of what to do for us to enter boldly into the Transformed Life Jer. 33: 3!

And He will do it in Jesus name.

Happy Revelation to a Transformed Life.

Your Vicar and friend,
Revd. Canon Kiri