Good to be Back!

It is good to be back. Like the old saying, ‘East or West, home is best’. We missed you all, you can never imagine.

Revd. Ben reminded me of an old school song;

O my home, O my home x2

when shall I see my home,

When shall I see my native land

I will never forget my home


We can never forget home. God bless you Transformation (ACOTA) Family.

The Four weeks were like eternity. Thank God it’s over and we are back home. The vacation was needed, a time of rest, some sober reflection, and doing things differently, and different things. We were in three different churches in three different countries! We saw things differently, worshipped differently, and it was different being ministered to in a different way. New things where learnt too!

But we missed you, we missed you a lot, we missed the church, the fellowship after service and many more. But thank God for technology, we were online, and well informed.

The period of absence made us realize more than ever before, how attached we are to our Family of God. We are all so closely knitted into one; I am sure we are all glad to be part of the ‘Transformation Family’. I want to remind us that together, we need to build this family, especially in this period that we are building both spiritually and physically.

Like I said last year, dressing to church became a challenge. I wasn’t sure what to wear! I had to be in ‘mufti’ without a cassock! I really felt and looked funny in my attire, but it was nice and different.

I want to thank you all for the part you are playing in this ministry, and especially during the period of our vacation. The testimonies we heard we quite encouraging and soul lifting. Thank you for your commitment; your tenacity of purpose and amazing steadfastness. What more shall I say? For time and space would fail me to appreciate you all, the Youths, Children, the Choir, the Orchestra, the Guild of Stewards, Sunday School Teachers, Welfare, Sanitation, of the Intercessors, PCC, the good Men and Women, I can go on and on…God will certainly reward you all.

And most especially our indomitable Revd. Ben and his amiable and pretty wife Modupe. You are really God sent, and an answer to our prayers!

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. You have been marvellous; your support, prayers, encouraging words, as well as criticisms, gifts are all well appreciated, and will not go unnoticed before God. We pray that God will bless you beyond your imagination in Jesus name.

Mercy, peace, and love be multiplied to you all.

 God bless you my people.

 Your Vicar and friend,

Rev. Canon Kiri Wakama