A Tribute to Our Women (Mother)

Sweet Mother, I no go forget you, for the suffer wey you suffer for me, is a well-known and popular Nigerian lyric, and I want to believe all Nigerians agree with it.

In most cases, she has many different roles to fill in her life. She is sister, daughter, care giver, mother, grandmother, wife, and friend. She raises her children into adulthood. Her love is boundless and her energy unmatched. She is a source of inspiration to more people than she will ever know and strives towards the success of her children. Mama we love you!

When she has a job to do and do it she would. The frustrations, disappointments, anger and confusion, are normally kept to herself, and as children we might never know, until we are of age. She does everything humanly possible to maintain her husbands’ dignity and independence, meanwhile neglecting her own health and personal well-being, never taking time to relax, time she needed to recharge her batteries. She just keeps going. Mama, we love you!
Relaxation is a luxury she could not afford. She has continuous stress and fatigue, and nearly always faces serious financial challenges. She spirals downward, life seemed out of control, as she went from day to day doing her endless tasks of being a primary care giver to the family, and stress finally becomes distress. Finally, there were times when anger surfaced, anger …that she could do nothing to make the situation better.

She inspires us with Faith in God, and raised us with strong biblical principles, strong values, an open bible and prayer. Discipline was implemented when required, and we KNEW it was necessary! We were encouraged to work hard and make a good life for ourselves, but to always put God first. Mothers’ faith and constant endless love will keep the family on track, she never faltered in her faith although the storms would rage at times, we got through with her at the helm.

Mom has been an inspiration to our family, and to those who know her by her unselfishness, willingness, and dedication to her family. Her encouragement and compassion shown through the heart-breaking wreckage of their lives is admirable.

If we could give you a gift Mom, we would give you the ability to see yourself as others see you, then you could really see how very special you are. You come in and out of our lives and leave footprints and memories engraved on our hearts forever. Your courage in the face of adversity, and your inner strength is truly a blessing to us all.

You are a shining gem to us. You cast a gift into our hearts that would be as giving as a gift from the angels. We appreciate the love you have shown to us, your devotion and determination to keep our family together, and last but not least, the way you have cared for Dad. You are indeed a true ‘woman of heart’, a woman with great faith, and a wonderful role model to many.

We love you Mom, more than you know, and we will continue to love you, forever!

Is your Mum still alive? Call her, appreciate her, buy her an expensive gift, give her a good time. Has your Mum passed? Appreciate a Mother figure…. Sweet mother, I no go forget you!

From all of us at ACOTA, we say Happy Mothering Sunday.

Your vicar and friend.

The Revd. Canon Kiri Wakama