This month God is inviting us to a fresh encounter with Him. When you encounter God, He is sure to give you a fresh start. But with our very busy daily schedules, it could be difficult to encounter Him, without adequately planning for it.


I will like to suggest we structure our schedules towards the following, to assist us in encountering Him.


  1. Intentionality
    Our days get so busy with work, children, spouses, housework, shopping, homework—if we don’t schedule something, it often doesn’t get done.

    What makes us think time with God will be any different? If we don’t intentionally set aside time that is just for meeting with Him, it likely won’t happen. Put it in your phone as an appointment if you have to, then prioritize that time as of the utmost importance.


  1. Focus
    It is difficult to connect with God when you’re distracted.

    Focusing takes work. We have to choose to still our minds from everything that wants to steal our attention. Remember, our goal is to be face-to-face with God. That means our focus has to be Him, not our situations or even ourselves.

    Worship is a great way to do this. The point of worship is to exalt the Lord, to make him bigger in our eyes. And the natural side effect of making God bigger is that everything else gets smaller. Then it’s much easier to focus on Him.


  1. Persistence
    With intentionality and focus, it’s relatively easy to have an encounter with God. He’s already promised that when we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us (James 4:8). But if you’re like me, one encounter isn’t enough.

We need more than a one-time experience with God. Like the old hymn says, “every hour” I need Him. Like anything else we want to be a regular part of our lives, we have to be persistent in making it happen. We have to stay intentional, stay focused.


  1. Patience
    This word makes some people cringe, but it’s important. Real communication takes patience. It takes patience with your own efforts, and that patience sometimes seems so lacking as you learn or re-learn how to connect with God.

    It also requires learning that God isn’t interested in just hearing our problems and then watching us go on our way; communication is more than words. It’s both speaking and listening, thinking about what’s been said and simply enjoying each other’s company.


The Result
God has promised, “When you seek Me, you will find Me.” Deut. 4: 29; Isa. 55: 6; Jer. 29: 13. Seeking is an action word; active engagement with God doesn’t happen on its own. But when we apply the keys of intentionality, focus, persistence and patience, we discover a nearness that satisfies us like distance never will.


Seek the Lord, tabernacle with Him, and see Him turn your life around.


God bless you, and grant you an excellent week ahead.


Your Vicar and friend.


The Revd. Canon Kiri Wakama