The Coming Workers’ Retreat

During the earthly Ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ, He had many followers. We read in Luke 6: 13 that after an ‘All night prayer session’, he called all his disciples together, and from them he chose twelve and named them ‘Apostles’. How would you have felt, if you were one of His disciples, but where not chosen? It is a big and rear privilege to be chosen to work for the Lord, but unfortunately most of us make light of this choice.

At the close of the earthly Ministry, one of His apostles, betrayed Him, and had to be replaced. In Acts 1: 15 following, we heard of Peter quoting from the book of Psalms, why he needed to be replaced. Hear Peter, “it is written in the Book of Psalms:” …‘May another take his place. So, despite been chosen by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, Judas had to be replaced for the work of the Lord to continue. May none of us be replaced in Jesus name.

We are not doing God a favour by working for Him or serving in any capacity in the church. In reality, if you are a practicing Christian without persuasion, you should be in the service of the Master. Remember the parable of the ‘Talents?’ The unfortunate one that did not put his ‘giftings’ to use, was further deprived of all that he had. May this not be our portion.

And so, as we prepare for 2018, and to move to ‘Goshen’ it is appropriate we consider our lives and service to God in this local assembly, and be of useful service to Him. Rather than just be ‘bench-warmers’.  In line with this, I invite you to an ‘All Encompassing Workers Retreat’ here in church on Saturday 11thNovember 2017. The Retreat will run from 9.00am to 5.00pm, and give us a direction going forward.

All attendees, are encouraged to bring food for lunch and probably breakfast, for an average of 5 people each, so we can have ‘Love Feast’ both for breakfast / tea and lunch. On the alternative, you can monetize for ease. All such monies should be paid into our FCMB Account – Number…

God is about moving us to the next level in our ministries and in our personal lives, advancing us in His purposes and equipping us for greater accomplishments than we have ever known. He is doing this, so His kingdom can be established and increased in every sphere of every society on earth.

I believe that you are longing to fulfill God’s great purposes for your life and that you desire to see His kingdom come and His will be done on earth, just as it is in heaven. You may also be going through changes in your life right now, but one of the ways out of the challenge is in service to God.

So, I encourage you to be of service to God, and see your challenges no more.

See you on Saturday for a refreshing time in the presence of the Lord.


Your Vicar and friend,

The Revd. Canono Kiri Wakama